Where do you get the paddles? 

The paddles are made by hand, by local Gaspesian woodworker, Larry Brash, who lives in New Richmond, QC. When I started painting paddles I was using old or recycled ones, but for the past year and a half I've been working with Larry. We have a selection of 8 sizes that we've expanded to over time, and Larry does an excellent job on each and every one. So, no, I don't buy them at Canadian Tire. And yes, someone has asked me that before. 

What size paddles do you have available? 

Over time, we've expanded and now have sizes that vary from purely decorative to usable. We carry: 24", 36", 48", 57", 62", 70", 81" SUP, and 90" kayak paddles. 

Can i use my paddle in the water? 

YES! Absolutely! While some people choose to get paddles for their home, many like to use them in water. Tipsy Canoe aims to create functional artwork, meaning I encourage everyone to use it in the water if they so please.  The paddles are varnished with an outdoor and marine grade spar varnish which allows them to be used in water. Will your paddle get marked up if you use it in the water? If you beat anything across rocks hard enough, will it mark up? Yes. Of course. But I like to think that the marks and chips that appear on the paddle during its lifetime are the continuation of the paddles story. 

What type of wood are the paddles made from? 

The paddles are made from a combination of cedar and maple wood. The stem, or core, of the paddle is made with maple because of its strength. The outer blade and handle is made from cedar because it's light and holds up well to water and continued use. 

Is each design really unique? 

Yep. Each paddle has its one distinct name, too! Sometimes it can be hard to always be working on different designs, but it keeps me on my toes creatively and encourages me to continue honing my craft. The name is reminiscent of some of the colours or design elements used in the design, usually related to the people and places of the Gaspesie. 

Custom orders

What's the wait time for a custom paddle? 

Normal lead time needed for a custom designed paddle is 4 to 6 weeks. Why? Well, the sketching, designing and creation of custom colours lengthens the process. Ultimately, that time frame is given in order to ensure the completion and timely delivery of a paddle, especially when other paddle orders are in progress. If you're looking to order a custom paddle for popular holidays like Christmas, 5 to 7 weeks lead time is best. 

Can you make custom sized paddles? 

We sure can. While we don't do it often, Larry our 'paddle guy' is able to create custom sized paddles. Again, extra lead time is necessary when we're getting all kinds of fancy with sizing and designing. 

What's the process like to order a custom designed paddle? 

Normally, after getting in contact, I'll ask for some starting points. Buyers usually have colours and a design element in mind when initially contacting me. This helps when it comes to the next step: sketching designs. For every 1 paddle, I sketch 5 paddle designs. From there, together we can decide how to make adjustments (if any at all), in order to be ensured that the final product is exactly what they're looking for. Once design and colours are chosen, I can get started! Depending on the complexity of the design, paddles can take anywhere from 10 to 14 hours to complete since the entire process is done by hand. 

Why can't you paint me a lifelike replica of my family and our dog on a paddle? 

Honestly, if you give me enough time I probably could. Portraits and landscapes just really aren't what I'm interested in working on right now. I have completed special projects with animals and landscapes in the past so if you think it's something I might be interested in, shoot me a message. 


What company ships the paddles? 

I tend to stick with Canada Post and have had positive experiences with them shipping paddles thus far. Paddles larger than 70" cannot be mailed via Canada Post, but Purolator will ship them instead. Be warned than any paddle 70" and under that ships with Canada Post will rarely cost more than $65. Shipping with Purolator has cost upwards of $150-250 for shipping kayak and SUP paddles. 

WHY can't I get rush shipping on my paddle? 

I can absolutely purchase rush shipping but most times, it makes no difference in delivery dates. Because I live in a very rural town, packages will only ever leave for delivery the next day regardless of shipment option chosen. Using regular shipment options, most paddles are delivered in about a week, and almost always under 10 days. 

Can i exchange my paddle?


Can I get any sized paddle shipped? 

Sure. The price that I quote you for shipping is the price that's given to me by Canada Post or Purolator. If you're willing to cover that cost, I am more than happy to have it shipped to you!

Do you ship internationally? 

Same as above! I don't charge extra costs above the shipping prices given to me by Canada Post or Purolator, so if you're willing to cover those costs, it's not a problem.